Unwritten Golf Rules and Golf Slang

Ok golfers – most of you have been around the game for a while, and depending on where you are geographically golf can seem like at times that it has a language of its own.  There’s no more awkward feeling that sitting with two people who are speaking another language and you have no choice but to ...

THE 5 TYPES OF GOLFERS – Where do You Fall?

Guest Blog by Normal Golfer regular contributor Cayce Walker. Cayce is a former professional caddie and a single-digit golfer. Golf is a big game – it’s a highly competitive sport and a leisurely activity that spans across most demographics.  Playing with any type of regularity is a big ...

#1 Vlog – Find That One Swing Thought

Hi normal golfers, I just wanted to share a little video from my first training session of the season. With 3 little rug rats at home you are always "on the clock" when you play, so I try to make my training sessions count every time. I do that by making small goals for every training session. ...

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