How to Choose the Right Driver

Choosing any golf club can be difficult but the driver seems to get much of the attention. It is the biggest and brashest club in the bag. Who doesn’t like to step onto the first tee, pull out their brand new driver and smash the ball down the middle of the fairway?

If only it was that simple.

The driver you choose to have in your bag can make or break your round of golf. If you are finding the fairway regularly, your confidence is going to be high and the rest of your game is likely to follow on from there. However, if you are spraying the ball left and right, into the rough and hazards, your game and score is going to suffer.

Choosing the right driver is not about picking the one you like the look of in the store or online. Yes, you need to feel good about the driver you pull out of the bag but aesthetics is only a small part of buying the right driver. There are more important aspects to choosing the right driver than a few nice comments about the design from your mates.

Plan Ahead With the Driver

Firstly, buying the most expensive driver you can afford is not always the best option. Think of buying any golf club as an investment, one which you plan to use for the foreseeable future.

The driver you choose must have the right amount of forgiveness. Now is the time to be honest about your level of play. If you are new to the sport, chances are you are going to need a driver with more forgiveness than an experienced player. If you regularly miss the sweet spot of the driver, there is nothing wrong with choosing a driver which will help you when that happens.

Get the Loft Right – Don’t Go Too Low

Next, you need to consider the loft of the driver. This is something many beginner golfers fail to take into consideration when buying a driver. Think about your swing speed. If you have a swing speed less than 90mph, which many players do, you will need to look at drivers with more loft to keep the ball in the air for longer.

If you swing speed is closer to 100mph, you can afford to buy a driver which has less loft and this will produce less backspin. Something around 12 degrees or lower is good for players with a fast swing speed.

Don’t Underestimate Importance of the Shaft

Trajectory and shaft length are also two factors you must consider when choosing the right driver. If you often hit the ball low off the tee you should look for a driver with a high trajectory rating and vice versa. The length of the driver is also very important and you do not want to be suffering because your driver is too long or too short.

Go to a golf store and ask for some advice as to the best length of driver for you. Try hitting some shots with different lengths and if you are still unsure, ask to be measured. This service will cost you more money but it is worth it in the long run.

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