Review: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

8.5 Total Score
Top Driver at Resonable Price

If your budget does not stretch to one of the major players in the driver market, you cannot go wrong with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver. That's especially true if you are looking for some assistance with launch and forgiveness. Those who want a driver which delivers excellent performance off the shelf yet offers a great looking design, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver is right up there with the best of them.

  • Looks fantastic
  • Good alignment on the crown
  • Forgiving
  • Reasonable price
  • Increased distance over previous Cleveland models
  • The loud, high pitched sound is not for everyone
  • Not a great deal of adjustability
  • Not aimed at those with higher swing speeds
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In the Words of the Manufacturer

‘Turbocharge your drives with the new Launcher HB Turbo. The Launcher HB Turbo Driver delivers more speed off the tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives.’ This is the opening paragraph on the Cleveland website and contains all the information every Golf Club would like to hear about a driver.

Cleveland may not be the first name you think of when it comes to drivers but there is no denying the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo looks fantastic on the shelf.

We always expect the manufacturer to brag about their own equipment so there is nothing new there. In fact, Cleveland are not shy at all when it comes to bigging up the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo.

To continue in their own words, ‘To go longer off the tee, you have to go faster. The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver features a Turbocharged Cup Face, Ultralight Hosel, redesigned HiBore Crown, Deep Weighting sole pad and a counterbalanced shaft. It all adds up to faster drives for more distance off every tee. The new Launcher HB Turbo Driver. Step Up, and Launch It.’


There is a lot of information in there and for the beginner golfer, some of it may mean very little. Perhaps that’s a sign that Cleveland are targeting the more advanced player with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo? (or not as the case may be!) Let’s find out more as we take a look at this driver.

How Does the Club Look?

The design of the head really draws the eye, just like one of those daydream sequences in a film when a man spots a beautiful woman in a crowd…Anyway, back to the driver and the matte black and smokey grey finish is delightful.

When I first saw these kind of lines on a Ping driver some years ago, I thought it was a bit too much. But even a grumpy, young golfer can change his opinion. It actually looks pretty cool and makes you feel that you stand with a high tech weapon in your hands. And it should make it faster through the air. But that is secondary.

Looking down on the club at address, it boasts a very aerodynamic appearance. There are three nubs spreading out from the back of the crown to aid alignment and everything about the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo oozes class and sophistication.

As Cleveland are competing with more popular brands in the driver market, perhaps they have decided to up their game in terms of the overall look of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo and it has worked. You will not be able to resist but cast an admiring glance at the driver whenever you see it.


We begin our look at the performance of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver by discussing the sound and it will quickly become apparent why. If you would like everyone around you on the golf course to know you have just played a tee shot, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is for you. There is no getting away from the fact that the sound when striking the ball using this driver is rather loud and high pitched.

If you are a golfer who enjoys a loud sound when using the driver, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is perfect. Those who prefer something a little more understated, you may find yourself going a little red in the cheeks as you quickly become the center of attention.

However, in their marketing material, Cleveland talk about longer and straighter drives and it certainly delivers in that respect. Players can expect to hit the ball further than the previous Cleveland driver and, in some cases, there have been over 10-yard gains on drivers released by the company in 2017. The spin rate was also down in comparison to previous drivers which shows genuine improvements have been made in the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo.

In terms of forgiveness, the redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the center of gravity and the Ultralight Hosel redistributes weight low and deep in the head of the driver. This combination has helped to reduce the offline dispersion of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, perfect for those wanting a combination of increased distance but plenty of forgiveness.

Is it for me?

There is no doubt that this is the longest and most accurate driver ever released by Cleveland, with high ball flight. If you are a golfer who could do with a little help with launch off the tee, you could a lot worse than the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo. However, if your clubhead speed is regularly over 100mph you may need to look elsewhere.

Who is Using the Driver?

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver is unlikely to find its way into the bag of PGA and European Tour professionals. It is not particularly suited to competitive golfers playing on courses that stretch to 7,500 yards. However, of all the people who play golf, those at the top of the game are a small percentage, which makes it better for us.

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