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Review Srixon Z 785 Driver

In the Words of the Manufacturer

‘The Srixon Z 785 Driver is 460cc with a tour preferred look and profile. It promotes the low-spin, penetrating trajectory that better players demand off the tee.’

From the horse's own mouth

One of the main take-aways from this statement by the manufacturer regarding the Srixon Z 785 Driver is that it has been designed for ‘better players’. What does that mean for the amateur weekend golfer, like me and you? We will find out more as we look into the driver in more detail below.

“The new Z Series are pretty easy to explain: they’re long,” says Marketing Director, Brian Schielke. “Longer than our past woods, and longer than the competition. Our stronger, faster titanium, combined with cup face construction is totally unique, totally different from everything out there and it really shows up, both on a launch monitor and on the course.”

So, distance appears to be one of the main aspects of the Srixon Z 785 Driver. Most golfers would love to be able to hit the ball further, is this the driver for the job?

How Does the Club Look?

Let’s face facts, the previous Srixon driver lacked appeal on the shelf in comparison to other brands. In such a competitive market that’s the last thing you need and the Srixon Z 785 Driver has certainly made improvements in that department. Thanks to the added flashes of red, gone are the days of dismissing the Srixon driver like a boring jumper in a clothes store.

The carbon fibre pattern is visible on the crown and there is a new alignment mark to help with centring the ball on the face. In comparison to the Z 765, you will notice the increased size of the Srixon Z 785 and this boosts confidence on the tee.

How Does the Srixon Z 785 Play?

The sound when striking the ball using the Srixon Z 785 Driver is not going to turn heads. In fact, it produces quite a soft thud sound. However, sometimes less is more and that’s certainly the case with the sound when using this driver. Get it right and you can still generate a nice crack off the tee, perhaps best suited to the understated gentleman.

As highlighted in the manufacturer comments above, Srixon appear to be marketing the Srixon Z 785 Driver on distance. However, it is perhaps the forgiveness of this driver which is the main feature that stands out for many players. Ball speed, spin, and launch remain fairly consistent even when striking the ball slightly off centre. If you are one of those players who consistently complains about how close they came to hitting a good drive, you know, ‘damn..if only my driver performed as good as me’ then the Srixon Z 785 Driver could be for you.

Let’s put it this way, if you are not quite hitting the centre of the driver, you can still expect a good drive, with the ball in play, using the Srixon Z 785 Driver. If you are one of those players who is simply blaming their equipment because you are a poor golfer, forget it.

Using the stock shaft, you can expect to achieve a medium to high launch with low spin when finding the sweet spot of the driver. The Srixon Z 785 Driver boasts the Quick Tune System and this allows you to change 1 degree of loft and also the lie angle by as much as 2 degrees. If this sounds a lot like diving into the deep end of the pool with no armbands for you, don’t worry as the manual does a good job of explaining how to use this feature.

In terms of distance, the best compliment we can give the Srixon Z 785 Driver is that it compares well to the TaylorMade M4, Callaway Rogue and Ping G400 Max. So, when it comes to distance and ball speed there is no doubt that the Srixon Z 785 delivers the goods.

Who Is It For?

As highlighted at the beginning of this article, the Srixon Z 785 Driver has been marketed for the ‘better player’. However, it is pretty for giving across the face and does not look particularly intimidating at address. Therefore, many players can enjoy success when using this driver not only ‘the better’ player. still, if you decide to pick up this driver you can always show off to your friends how you are using a driver aimed at the ‘better player’!

Who is Using the Driver on Tour?

Graeme McDowell was one of the first players to put the Srixon Z 785 Driver into play. Shane Lowry and Keegan Bradley are two other PGA Tour players who have had the driver in their bag along with several players on the Tour.

9 Total Score
Srixon Driver - now with look to back up perfomance

There is no doubt that the Srixon Z 785 Driver provides good value for money. It compares nicely to many of the leading driver brands currently on the market and can be used by a wide range of players. Yes, the gains over the previous model may not be huge but in conjunction with the improved looks it is more than enough to warrant a purchase.

  • Improved looks over previous models
  • Great stock shaft
  • Long
  • Forgiving
  • Competitive price
  • Performance level may not be that significance over the previous model
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