Why You Should Start Playing Golf

There are many sports available to take up – so why should you start playing golf? It may seem like a difficult sport to get involved in and from the outside, it is easy to understand why. However, starting to play golf is no different from any other sport and there are some great reasons why you should begin playing.

Golf is a sport that can be played by both men and women, regardless of age. It does not matter whether you are 17 or 70, if you can swing a golf club and walk, you are able to play golf. In many ways, golf is especially suited to older people as it provides a great opportunity to get some exercise in a fun environment.

Golf Is a Proper Workout

To the casual observer, golf may seem like an easy sport to play in terms of physical exertion. Clearly it is not compared to something like soccer or rugby. But I am just going to go ahead and say it: Golf is hard work and a proper workout – There are many physical elements to golf including the actual swinging of the club and walking between shots. If you decide to walk the golf course rather than be tempted by the comfort of the golf buggy (but hey, why would you? Unless, of course, you are injured or have some other physical condition:-)) you will soon begin to clock up the miles.

Some people struggle to sleep at night for a variety of reasons. However, a day on the golf course can help lead to a great night’s sleep (though after some particularly bad rounds, I have had the occasional nightmare). The combination of exercise and fresh air is proven to help with getting to sleep at night and golf offers both in a stunning natural environment.

A Workout –  Also For the Mind

Another great reason why you should start playing golf is that it is a good workout for the mind. Golf is mentally challenging and there is a lot to think about during a round. Where you want the ball to land on your tee shot, what impact the wind is going to have on your approach shot, should you play over the water or play safe, which way is your putt going to break on the green? All of these are things you need to think about when playing golf.

Playing golf keeps the mind active and is also a good way to forget about the stress daily life brings our way. You may have a lot on at work and playing golf will help you to forget all that as your mind switches to the game.

Golf Disclaimer – Why Golf Might Not Be For You

However, there are perhaps a few reasons why we should not play golf and they are worth mentioning here.

If you have no patience and are not willing to take the time to learn something new, golf is probably not for you. It is not an easy sport to play if you have never picked up a golf club before in your life and takes practice. That being said, you can use the driving range and putting green to practice before playing your first round on the course.

Golf clubs can be expensive to buy and this will put some people off playing golf. However, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a second hand set and that’s the perfect way to get started.

Best Beginner Golf Set Deals

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