Easiest Wedges to Hit for a Normal Golfer

Most golfers enjoy using the driver on the tee and this is where much of the satisfaction is gained especially for the standard golfer. However, this is only a small part of the game and one area where many normal golfers tend to struggle is on approach to the green. You may be able to drive the ball a long way but that will count for nothing if you then struggle to use the wedge.

Thankfully, there are plenty of wedges which are easier to hit for a normal golfer but what exactly is a wedge? You may think you know what a wedge is but how much do you really know? Without a thorough understanding of the golf club you are using how can you expect to play a consistently good shot?

Ok, lecture over but let’s take a closer look at the wedge.

What is a Wedge?

When the ball is within around 100 yards from the green most golfers will consider using a wedge. However, there are a variety of different wedges available and knowing the difference between them will make it easier to play the correct shot and get the ball close to the pin.

The pitching wedge is the most popular and will come with most standard sets of golf clubs. It is the least lofted of all the wedges and will therefore hit the ball further than any of the other wedges. The name of  the ‘sand wedge’ kind of gives the game away with this club and it is used to hit the ball out of the bunker. It features a rounded sole which helps to bounce the bottom of the club off the sand.

The lob wedge Is the most lofted of them all and is used for shots where the ball needs to get up high and stop quickly on the green. You can also get a gap wedge which fills the gap between the pitching wedge and sand wedge and is often used for chipping around the green.

The good news is there are many wedges available which are easy to hit for normal golfers but what are the best options on the market? Don’t worry, we are about to answer that question for you below.

Cleveland CBX Wedge

Cleveland often receive rave reviews for their wages and the CBX wedge is one of the leading options currently available for the normal golfer. This wedge comes with a slightly wider toe and a narrower heel thanks to the ‘Dual V-Sole design. This makes the Cleveland CBX wedge easy to hit for a standard golfer because it looks bulkier at address than most other wedges.

Chances are, as a normal golfer, you could be using cavity back irons and the bladed shape of wedges can feel intimidating at address. There is nothing wrong with admitting your fear when looking down on the bladed shape of a wedge. But fear not, with the Cleveland CBX wedge, you will be feeling full of confidence over the ball.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4, S-Grind Wedge

If you could do with a little assistance when using the wedge and money is no option then the Callaway Mack Daddy 4, S-Grind Wedge is a great choice. This wedge features a straighter leading edge thanks to the slightly square toe. This, in addition to its 16-grove configuration and a large grove in the bottom of the face, creates more spin easily when using the wedge.

If you are looking for a wedge which is easy to stop on the green, look no further than the Callaway Mack Daddy 4, S-Grind Wedge.

Wilson Harmonised Golf Wedge

Not every normal golfer can go out and buy the most expensive wedge available but thankfully there are many cheaper options including the Wilson Harmonised Golf Wedge. This is regarded as being a budget wedge but that does not mean it doesn’t come with benefits for the standard golfer who is searching for an easy to hit wedge.

The ‘sole grind’ design of this wedge makes it easy to open the face further than most other wedges. This makes it easier to get under the ball and produce greater loft around the greens. Considering it comes in the budget bracket the Wilson Harmonised Golf Wedge also looks the part.

Callaway Sure Out Wedge

Finally, if you are looking for an easy chipping wedge, look no further than the Callaway Sure Out Wedge. If you are finding getting out of the bunker difficult this club could be the answer as it has a significantly wider sole than most wedges and also a more rounded shape. The design helps with bounce when playing from the sand and is one of the easier wedges to hit for normal golfers who need a little assistance in that department.

The Callaway Sure Out Wedge is also very forgiving and will fill those players who get nervous around testing lies with more confidence.

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