The Basic Swing Fundamentals to Get You Started

The Basic Swing Fundamentals to Get You Started

Golf is one of the most technical sports on the planet. It is not easy to simply pick up a golf club and begin playing great golf. There are many aspects which come together to make a good golfer and one of those is the swing.

The swing can differ depending on which golf club you are using. Clearly you are not going to use the same swing for the driver and the putter. Imagine trying to make a putt using the same swing as a driver, you would not only look ridiculous, you would also miss the putt and ruin the green.

However, there are some basic swing fundamentals to get you started which every player should know when playing golf.

To make a good golf swing, you must be gripping the club correctly. While professional players may have varied grips, the key is to not grip the club too tightly and keep both hands together. The overlapping grip is arguably the most popular and is a good place to start.

When commencing the swing, the first thing you will do is the back swing. This is when you swing the club back and away from the ball. As you swing the club back, the weight should be distributed towards the back foot. A basic back swing fundamental is to keep the back arm close to the body.

So, for righthanded players this would be the right arm. Doing this will help you to keep the ball straight. As you swing the club back and the weight transfers to your back foot, the club should be rising to a 90 degree angle with the ground.

Next in the basic swing fundamentals to get you started, we come to the down swing. You can commence the down swing by moving your front knee across your front foot. Doing this will see the weight begin to shift from your back foot to your front foot and your arms will start to drop naturally.

Your head should stay behind the ball and the only other thing which should be moving is your hips and chest. The hips and chest should be moving to face the target.

When the club contacts the ball, the swing does not stop there. Many people forget about the importance of the follow through and tend to wind down as soon as they hit the ball. This is a mistake.

A basic swing fundamental is the follow through. As you strike the ball, your arms should be fully extended and your back foot should be on its toes. Your weight should be on your front foot now and the club should continue its movement through the ball to a natural finish. Do not force the club to stop as soon as you have hit the ball.

Allow the momentum of the shot to take the club up and around the top of your body if necessary.


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