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A Player's Driver With Top Technology

Who doesn't want higher ball speed with a lower spin rate from their driver? Add to this the fact the Titleist TS3 Driver looks fantastic and you have something good on your hands. The amount of customisation required may put a few people off but you are not going to please everyone. Although the main point of having customization options is so the club becomes suitable for more players so perhaps that doesn’t quite make sense! All in all, the Titleist TS3 is a great driver and comparable with the best manufactures available today.

  • High moment of inertia
  • SureFit weight makes the driver more adjustable
  • Low spin helps to hit the ball further
  • Low centre of gravity for increased performance
  • Suitable for many types of player
  • Clean looks
  • Less forgiving than the TS2 driver
  • Some players may prefer fewer customisation options
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In the Words of the Manufacturer

High praise indeed but what does the Titleist TS3 Driver offer the regular golfer? Let’s face facts, most of us only drive the ball like Justin Thomas in our dreams.

Will the Titleist TS3 Driver bring us mere mortals closer to the likes of Justin Thomas? Let’s find out below.

In the words of Titleist, ‘Our mission is to deliver clubs built with ultimate precision to meet the needs of your game. It all starts with the highest quality materials and our commitment to constantly push the standards of golf club manufacturing. When you open your box stamped with the Titleist Script, rest assured – you’re playing the very best.’

This information is listed on the Titleist webpage for the Titleist T3 Driver.

Leading PGA Tour professional, Justin Thomas , was one of the first to use the Titleist TS3 Driver and he said, ‘The new TS3 driver gives me the confidence to just swing as hard as I can and it feels like it’s going to do what I want and that’s a comfortable feeling. After the US Open, I actually worked with the Titleist Tour reps in Europe, first at the French Open and then at Open Championship. I’m now hitting the golf ball in the centre of the club more consistently. I drove the ball as long and accurate as I have all year in Akron.’

Does the Driver Have the Looks?

If symmetry is your thing, you will love the look of the Titleist TS3 Driver thanks to its round and symmetrical shape. If the extended look of the Titleist TS2 Driver put you off that club, the Titleist T3 Driver is sure to make you take a second glance in the golf store. You know, like that popular meme that was doing the rounds. The shape coupled with the classic Titleist gloss black crown make it one of the best-looking drivers currently on the market.

IMHO The TS3 just looks great with its classical crown shape that I prefer. It’ just the weight rod that Titleist put through the poor driver that looks a bit off. But you don’t see that from above, of course. The white color shaft? Not for me. And the Project X Even Flow T1100 White 65 is probably not for you either with its heavy weight tag. The Mitsubishi Tensei will probably be a better solution for most golfers.

There is a small triangular alignment guide which you can see at address but that is the only additional feature. If you are one who enjoys fancy colour schemes, this is unlikely to be the driver for you. On the other, if class and simplicity is your thing, you will find it difficult not to fall in love with the Titleist T3 Driver. Just keep in mind that pulling the Titleist T3 Driver out of a golf bag which was passed onto you when you first started playing golf 10 years is not going to wash. Keep it classy throughout if you want to really look the part.

Who Is the TS3 for?

If you like the players on the next tee to know you are coming by the sound of your driver, you are going to be a little disappointed when using the Titleist TS3. The sound volume the driver makes when making good contact is quiet. However, you soon know by the shrillness of the sound when you are hitting the ball off centre. In fact, it is not a pleasant sound at all and your mates will be wearing earplugs if you begin spraying the ball all over the golf course.

Continuing on from the point above, if you are looking for a driver with plenty of forgiveness the Titleist TS3 is not for you. Yes, it looks great in the bag but you don’t look so good regularly playing your second shot from the rough.

Normal Golfer
If you are looking for more forgiveness but like the look of the club, you should try the Titleist TS2.

That’s not to say that the Titleist TS3 Driver is only for the top players. Titleist have worked hard to bring the spin down on this new driver and they succeeded. This feature in addition to the increased and consistent ball speeds make a leading Titleist driver a good choice for a wider range of players than ever before. The higher MOI and thinner face help to keep ball speed up even when you miss the centre.

Much like the Titleist TS2, the SureFit hosel is in place for the Titleist TS3 Driver and this allows you to adjust the loft, lie angle and face angle of the club. There is also a sole weight that can be adjusted for a fade or draw but you need to know what you are doing when setting this feature. Get it right and there is no doubting the ball speeds, distances and consistency the Titleist TS3 Driver can achieve.

Get it wrong and, well, just make sure you get it right.

Who is Using the Driver?

As mentioned previously, Justin Thomas was one of the first PGA Tour professionals to use this driver in a tournament. Other leading players in the world of golf who have also been using the Titleist TS3 Driver include Rafa Cabrera Bello, Charley Hoffman, Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Jimmy Walker and Richy Werenski.

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